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    AcroPDF - Troubleshooting

Special characters in languages such as French, German, Italian, Dutch can't be displayed correctly

Please make sure that you have already embedded all the fonts that have been used in your document as well as the fonts ending with "Gras" for French, "Italino" for Italian etc.

Bold fonts are not bold at all

Please make sure that you have embedded the appropriate fonts ending with "Bold" in addition to the normal fonts.

All italic characters disappear

Please make sure that you have embedded the appropriate fonts ending with "Italic" in addition to the normal fonts.

Getting weird PDF output

When you convert a Microsoft Publisher document to PDF, and you got a weird PDF output, you may simply check to see if you have set up the PDF paper size correctly. Some documents are designed for A3 output, you shouldn't put it to AcroPDF printer with A4 paper size.

Slanted images

Slanted images are caused by the images of insufficient resolution in your original document. Please just cut your slanted images in your original document, and then paste it into an image processing software, such as Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and then save the image to a BMP file, insert this BMP file to your original document. The problem will be solved.

Difficulty in AutoCAD

Please use custom paper size to output large PDF documents. A1 and A2 paper size should be defined from "Custom Paper Size" when you print your AutoCAD drawings to AcroPDF printer.

Additional Information: You may download and install Bureausoft "Business PDF Writer", and then print your document to "Business PDF Writer" printer to see if your problems can be solved. Here is the download link to the product,



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